Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 Worst Summer Drinks You Should Avoid

Posted: 03 Jul 2012 04:37 AM PDT

It's roasting outside and you're very, very thirsty. Water just isn't cutting it anymore, you want some variety. Well, be very careful with what you choose to supplement your water with, there are many drinks out there that are just plain unhealthy for you, with some even being dangerous in hot weather. We are going to look at five of the worse drinks you can have this summer.

1. Any type of alcoholic drink is bad for you in the summer.

Why? Alcohol actually dehydrates you. Alcohol works as a diuretic, which means you may be losing more water than you are drinking. In addition, try to avoid mixed drinks like mudslides, as the sheer amount of sugar and dairy in the drink will add to the diuretic effect, and the insane amount of calories compared to other drinks won't help your weight.

2. Another type of drink to avoid is flavored water.

There are many different brands of flavored water, ranging from Vitamin Water to Propel. The issue with many of the varieties of flavored water is the sugar content. Drinks with high levels of sugar have much the same issue as the previously mentioned alcoholic drinks, they act as a diuretic. Another downside to the healthy seeming drinks is the caloric levels. The high sugar levels will be harmful to your teeth and will help to dehydrate you, while the calories will cause you to gain weight. When all is said and done, there is no real reason to have one of these over regular water.

3. One of the most common hot summertime drinks is soda.

It doesn't matter if it is Coca-Cola or Pepsi; any brand is horrible for you in hot weather. Let's start with the fitness issues first. Any soda is packed full of empty calories and loads of sugar, which will cause you to gain weight. Sure, it may taste refreshing, but it will not help you on hot day. Soda contains two major diuretics, caffeine and sugar. So it is bad for your health and dehydrates you.

4. Another popular summertime drink is iced coffee.

You can find iced coffee everywhere now, from Starbucks to McDonalds. This drink is bad for you on many levels. Much like soda, it is full of calories, sugar, and caffeine. These drinks can cause you to gain weight and damage your teeth. The worst part is that as a summertime drink it will dehydrate you, and on a much greater level than soda due to higher caffeine and sugar levels.

5. Finally, the ever popular smoothies, which seem like they would be extra healthy, are often some of the least healthy drinks available.

Once you take into account extremely high levels of sugar and loads of calories, you can see how this is bad for your waistline. Once again, the high sugar levels will dehydrate you. Another issue with smoothies in the summer is the dairy. It is very common for people to get diarrhea or nausea from dairy on hot days. Both of those conditions result in higher fluid loss, hence, more dehydration.

In conclusion, any of the above drinks are fine in moderation. As long as you take into consideration the diuretic effects and drink plenty of water you should be able to avoid dehydration. The same cannot be said for effects on your weight.


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