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John Is Fit

John Is Fit

5 (Surprising) Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Posted: 23 Dec 2011 04:30 AM PST

This is a guest post by Jaime A. Heidel.

If you're struggling to keep the weight off despite numerous diets, it may be the diet food you're eating. Processed "diet" foods are actually loaded with artificial sweeteners and preservatives that may push you further from your weight-loss goals. Read about these 5 surprising foods that actually help you lose weight.


When it comes to foods for weight loss, a nice cheesy omelet may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, eggs, when prepared the right way, are a great way to get a protein punch that keeps you full all morning long. Scrambled, hard-boiled or poached, two medium eggs will give your body the extra fuel it needs to resist those mid-morning trips to the vending machine.

String Cheese

String cheese is another food you might not expect to find on this list but it's actually a weight-loss friendly snack. A couple of sticks of string cheese along with some hot sauce (cayenne pepper is a weight-loss friendly spice) is a great way to stabilize your blood sugar when cravings strike. Regulated blood sugar means fewer cravings and more rapid weight loss.


Sauerkraut is a fermented food ideal for weight loss because it speeds up your metabolism and improves your digestion. Serve some up on a hot dog or alongside a sandwich on your next lunch break. A boosted metabolism means more calories burned during your work-outs!


If you think all carbs are bad, you're not alone. The truth is carbs in moderation are ideal for weight-loss. Potatoes are packed with fiber, protein and potassium that will fill you up for less than 300 calories. Top it with butter and broccoli and you've got a light, healthy meal!


Beans aren't only heart-healthy they're a good protein choice for those looking to lose a few extra pounds. Loaded with fiber and antioxidants, these delicious dietary gems are a great way to slim down. With beans, you have a lot of variety. Choose black, red, white, navy, pinto, kidney, etc. Serve them as a main dish, a side or in home-made chili or soup.

When it comes to reaching your weight-loss goals, whole food is best. Avoid processed snack and "diet" foods that only add inches to your waist-line. These foods can improve your digestion, stabilize your blood sugar and keep you full so you won't feel deprived. Losing weight the healthy way is one of the first steps to healing naturally in an unnatural world.

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Post from: John Is Fit - Personal Weight Loss Blog

5 (Surprising) Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Pre/Post-Workout Recovery Foods

Posted: 23 Dec 2011 04:16 AM PST

This is a guest post by Marina Salsbury.

Building muscle mass and sustaining energy after your workout requires fuel, in the form of food, so your muscles have a nutrient-filled environment to grow while you continue on with your day without fatiguing. Ideal food for sustaining energy, maintaining health, and realizing results pre and post-workout include whole wheat bread or pasta, lean chicken or fish, beans, green vegetables and fresh berries.

Energy-rich grains include wheat bread, wheat pasta, bran cereal and brown rice. These foods ensure you are at peak performance because they are a natural source of carbohydrate energy. The nutrient, carbohydrate, is metabolized by the body into smaller glucose molecules that absorb into the bloodstream and then travel to your cells, supplying them with energy. Not all carbohydrates are created equal and when it comes to healthy, natural energy from this nutrient, experts, nutritionists, and masters degree holders in health sciences all choose whole grains such as wheat bread, wheat pasta, bran cereal or brown rice because they have a reputation for slowly increasing blood glucose levels, which allow for longer bursts of energy for your workout instead of a rapid rise in blood glucose followed by a sugar crash.

Strawberries, broccoli or a spinach salad also make for tasty, energy-boosting foods to add to the pre or post-workout meals. These healthy carbohydrates play a role in restoring energy because they also contain potassium, sodium, magnesium, and the B-vitamins your body needs to maintain fluid balance for internal electrical activity between the nerves and muscles.

Adding chicken, salmon, tuna or egg whites to your meal plans for a protein boost. Protein is the building block of all muscle in the body. Energy is an essential component pre and post-workout, but without protein to help your muscles perform at peak levels your intended workout efforts might fall short. Muscle cells constantly require protein and this is especially important after a muscle-straining workout. Protein consumed within a couple hours post-workout helps regenerate the muscle cells and research evidences that post-workout protein increases restoration of power and force to the muscles worked during the exercise.

The ideal pre-workout meal includes a 3-ounce baked, skinless chicken breast sandwiched between whole-wheat bread. As an alternative you can choose a scrambled egg white with a side cup of fresh blueberries and one slice of whole wheat toast. The chicken and eggs serve as your protein for muscle maintenance and the wheat bread and berries supply healthy carbohydrate energy.

If you pump hardcore iron as your workout consume a high-protein snack afterwards. Four ounces of grilled salmon or baked chicken are protein-filled items that support muscle recovery. Include a full glass or two of water to replenish fluids to your muscle cells. An intense cardiovascular workout warrants a post-exercise snack with light protein and more healthy carbohydrates. Opt for one boiled egg white chopped over a one-cup serving of a leafy green salad or as an alternative consume plain tuna on whole wheat bread with a side of strawberries. Be sure to include a full glass of water as well.

The best foods for pre and post-workout are those with high nutritional value and little to no processing. The items you choose do not have to be full meal portions but just enough to give your body the energy boost it needs for the workout and to sustain itself as well as glean the best results after the workout.

Nothing feels more exhilarating than a solid workout where you exerted your maximal effort. Pumping iron and optimizing the heart rate through continuous movement, or cardiovascular activity, on a regular basis are sure fire ways to gain lean muscle, burn calories or supplement a weight loss program.

But as you commit to a solid workout program, make sure you keep enough fuel in your tank with the suggested foods, so you can get through the workout from start to finish and beyond.

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Post from: John Is Fit - Personal Weight Loss Blog

Pre/Post-Workout Recovery Foods

How to Ultimately Enjoy Christmas Celebrations Without Gaining Extra Pounds

Posted: 23 Dec 2011 04:03 AM PST

This is a guest post by Kathleen Hubert.

The holidays are here again, and everyone knows that means tons of gluttonous merrymaking. After all, who can resist all of that delicious pie, candy, turkey and egg nog? Sadly, all of that wonderful food comes with a price. Such an excess of dense calories all but guarantees that you won't be fitting into the nice outfit you bought for New Year's.

Things don't have to turn out that way, though. This holiday season, resolve to do things differently. You can get started by taking a look at these tips that will keep you from gaining a lot of weight and allow you to indulge without feeling guilty or deprived.

Alter Your Cookie Recipe

By adding, removing and substituting different ingredients in your holiday cookie recipe, you can greatly improve their nutritional value and reduce their impact on your waistline. Try adding lots of nuts to your cookie dough, as they contain abundant fiber, good fat and protein to fill you up and keep blood sugar stable. Next, use apple juice concentrate as a sweetener in place of white sugar. Unlike refined sugar, the juice still has some nutrients and won't cause as dramatic a glucose spike.

Finally, use coconut oil in place of margarine. Margarine is made from soy, which promotes excessive estrogens and therefore, fat gain. Furthermore, it's been found to be terrible for your heart. Coconut oil actually encourages fat loss and heart health.

Get Up and Move

After the grand feast, don't just sit around surfing the internet for LED TV reviews. Get up and go for a stroll around the block and enjoy the beautiful decorations in your area. The exercise increases metabolism so you won't store as much fat. It also not only helps to wake you from your food coma, but it will make you digest your food better. Improved digestion means less bloating and heartburn.

Holiday Roast

When choosing the main course for your meal, try to pick meat that doesn't contain a huge amount of fat like pork loin, beef brisket or good old turkey. If you're feeling really luxurious, you can even find giant lobsters for sale. Fat contains a whopping 120 calories in a meager tablespoonful and there may be several cups of it in the bottom of the pan after cooking. You can see how easy it is to go overboard on calories when eating Christmas dinner.

Weight Bearing Exercise

Nothing makes the extra pounds go away like lifting weights. It causes a huge surge in testosterone which can not only boost mood to help you feel the holiday cheer, but also sends metabolism soaring. Just a little bit goes a long way, too. If you're too busy to hit the gym, stand in place and squat down, pushing yourself back up using only your legs. This is called a body weight squat. Do it repeatedly until you tire.

Set Limits

Nobody likes to feel deprived, especially when everyone else is enjoying themselves. Instead of choking down half of a pie, limit yourself to something that is still indulgent, yet more reasonable like 2 moderate slices.

Eat Your Vegetables First

Studies have shown that people who ate their vegetable before the rest of their meal tended to eat fewer calories and lose more weight. This is because vegetables are loaded with water and fiber, which work together to take up space in your stomach. They also burn more calories to digest than you get from them, so they help facilitate faster metabolism.

Use these tips to allow you to indulge without feeling guilty or deprived this holiday season.

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Post from: John Is Fit - Personal Weight Loss Blog

How to Ultimately Enjoy Christmas Celebrations Without Gaining Extra Pounds

The Glorious World of Tailoring Your Juicing

Posted: 23 Dec 2011 03:47 AM PST

This is a guest post by Matt Cruz.

As health consciousness increases and time decreases, more and more supplements are flooding the market. But most of these supplements are very expensive and recent studies are starting to ask questions regarding their effectiveness. Not to mention, the underlying concerns that were always there, such as what the consequence of so much preservatives in these products have on the body?

Like most things in life, there's a better solution. You don't need to buy Dr. so-and-sos' pricey supplements, simply stay at home and start juicing your way to health. Fruits and vegetables have various benefits and, according to recent findings, juicing brings out the best in them.

Why Juice?

There are many benefits to juicing, but one of the biggest benefits is that you consume vegetables and fruits that you wouldn't normally have consumed. Maybe it's because cooking the certain produce is tedious or you don't like the taste. By juicing you can cover up the bad taste of the produce you don't like.

- Carrots have cancer preventing carotene
- Potatoes have blood pressure battling potassium
- Apples prevent extreme blood sugar ups and downs

What's in the bottle?

Unfortunately, not what you think it is. Most of the time you might as well have bought a bottle of juice concentrates than a bottle of 'pure' juice. The heat during the well intentioned 'purifying' processes your juice is objectified to, practically kills all remaining vitamins and minerals.

When you're juicing from the comfort of your own kitchen, you can steer clear of anything that will reduce the nutritional value of your fruits and vegetables and give you the freedom to choose your own recipes for juicing. Juicing is quick and convenient and can become one of the most enjoyable things in your daily routine.

Invent your Own Recipes for Juicing

Whilst juicing has become somewhat of a fashion statement in the newly embraced wholesome living philosophy, it's still a very personal choice. You have to identify your own causes for concern or prevention priorities to decide which juice would meet your needs. Then you must make sure that the fruits and vegetables you pick, contains these necessary nutrients to assist you in your (probable) problem areas. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, but have a very sweet tooth; cherries will satisfy your craving without any sugar or fat.

What's in a Juice?

It's crucial to ensure that you've made the right choice before putting it in the juicer. Keeping in mind that all fruits and vegetables have different vitamins and minerals which aid different areas, you must choose the ones that will best suit your situation. Always ensure that your produce is fresh and organic. Even if you can't grow it in a garden patch in the backyard, there's no excuse to buy low quality goods. Your best bet is a grocery store you can trust on stocking exceptional products, as well as your nearest farmers market.

You will have to juice about four fruits or vegetables to fill a cup, but the volume can be increased by merely adding some bits and pieces. At the end of the day, you will find that not only is juicing a healthy option, but that it's super quick and simple with loads of opportunity to experiment.

To round-up:

-Get to know your fruits and vegetables
-Decide which ones will be most beneficial to you
-Start juicing, drinking and licking your lips

Post from: John Is Fit - Personal Weight Loss Blog

The Glorious World of Tailoring Your Juicing


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