Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby First Year

Baby First Year

The CPU development of your Baby

Posted: 03 Jul 2011 01:19 PM PDT

Whenever it comes to brain or say to intellegency then the very first name which flicks in our mind is Mr. Albert Einstein. It is said that after his death his brain has been preserved and then undergone through very complicated studies and analysis. After a deep research they concluded that he has used his [...]

Childproofing checklist: before your baby crawls

Posted: 02 Jul 2011 01:06 PM PDT

Usually babies start to crawl at 8 months while some babies may start earlier. There is a lot to improve  Our home safety before our baby crawls. Use this checklist to make sure that our kids can able to Move here and there in the blink of an eye.Bathing:We should fill the bath just enough to [...]

Developmental Milestone: Talking

Posted: 01 Jul 2011 01:34 PM PDT

As your baby grows up, so will her speaking skills. By listening to others speak and by the lip movements you make, she will start to speak which could be one of the best celebrations of your life. She might start spilling out words like "mama" and "dada" as early as 9 or 10 months. [...]


Posted: 30 Jun 2011 12:51 PM PDT

The cold is the most commonly occurring illness in the entire world, with more than 1 billion colds per year reported in the United States alone. the common cold is a self-limiting illness caused by any one more than 200 viruses.It produces mild symptoms usually lasting only 5 to 10 contrast the "flu"which is caused by different [...]

Capturing and preserving memories of your child:

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 01:01 PM PDT

If we need to preserve the memories of our child we should try some techniques.It is needed for every parent to capture our child development in every stage. the memories will be Capturing photos or capturing the sound of our baby.While social networking sites enhances our ability to share our photos, keeping the photos in some [...]

Child care options: pros, cons, and cost.

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 12:45 PM PDT

Your childcare choices will affect your child's developments physically, Emotionally, intellectually, socially.Childcare options include in-home care, family day care, and group day care.In-home care:In home childcare involves hiring a caregiver to take care of your children in your own home.   It is considered to be one of the best types of care for children under [...]

12 reasons of Baby Cry and how to soothe them

Posted: 27 Jun 2011 12:32 PM PDT

Hunger   The first and the foremost thing that can cause your baby cry is the hunger. Some signs that could probably cause this agitation are fussing, smacking of lips, rooting which is a newborn reflex that causes babies to turn their head toward your hand when you stroke their cheek, and putting their hands [...]


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