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Fwd: Treatment Solutions Network Articles: Ending Alcohol Abuse

Treatment Solutions Network Articles: Ending Alcohol Abuse

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Ending Alcohol Abuse

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 02:48 PM PDT

As Alcohol Awareness Month comes to a close, it is important that we not let down our guard against alcohol abuse. Many of us, if we examine our lives closely enough, would have to admit that we are guilty of alcohol abuse. We may not be physically dependent on alcohol, but we do depend on it to fill a void or accomplish some purpose in our life.

Reasons for Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Awareness Month is a good time for everyone to evaluate their life and their drinking habits. Many people believe that if they have the control to stop drinking for a time, they are not an alcoholic and therefore do not need help. Many people, however, abuse alcohol because of unhealthy reasons. Some people binge drink to fit in with the crowd because they are too insecure to have fun in their own way. Other people drink to get drunk because they are lonely and can't stand the thought of being alone anymore. Others drink heavily after a long day of work because they feel entitled to a little indulgence. Still others drink because they can't handle the stress or responsibility of their life.

Whatever the reason, alcohol abuse can be shown in different ways, with different consequences. Binge drinking is unhealthy and dangerous. Drinking and driving endangers many lives. Relying on alcohol to fill a void causes emotional damage that can have lasting effects.

Drink in Moderation

This spring, take a close look at your life, and the priorities you have established. If you rely on alcohol to calm down, or feel better, seriously consider the steps below. If you can successfully carry these steps out, great! Keep it up! But if these are a struggle, consider seeking help.

The following is a partial list is taken from Moderation Management, a group that helps people with alcohol abuse problems learn to modify their drinking so that it isn't a problem. These are not suggestions for alcoholics, who need more intense treatment.

Steps Toward Moderation:

1. Attend meetings or on-line groups and learn about the program of Moderation Management.

2. Abstain from alcoholic beverages for 30 days and complete steps three through six during this time.

3. Examine how drinking has affected your life.

4. Write down your life priorities.

5. Take a look at how much, how often, and under what circumstances you had been drinking.

6. Learn the MM guidelines and limits for moderate drinking.

MM Guidelines:

Strictly obey local laws regarding drinking and driving.

Do not drink in situations that would endanger yourself or others.

Do not drink every day. MM suggests that you abstain from drinking alcohol at least 3 or 4 days per week.

Women who drink more than 3 drinks on any day, and more than 9 drinks per week, may be drinking at harmful levels.

Men who drink more than 4 drinks on any day, and more than 14 drinks per week, may be drinking at harmful levels.


(1) Moderation Management

Moderation: Some find alcohol abstinence isn't the only solution

Drink Alcohol Only in Moderation

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